The Process

Moving Forward

After visiting us and discussing the options on site, should you decide to go ahead with purchasing or renting, we will do everything we can to help make the process as straight forward as possible for you.

Moving In

Leading up to, and on the day of your move, we are happy to assist to ensure that the whole process is as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

Management/Service charge

A management/service charge covers the operational costs on site of Hushwing Living and the maintenance and up keep of our beautiful landscaped estate. For those buying this is charged monthly. For those renting, essential costs are included in your monthly rent. For further details please see management page.


You are of course free to re-sell or vacate or your cottage under the terms set out in your original purchase contract or rental agreement. 

Buying into a managed retirement community means more than just buying a property.  If you choose to sell your cottage we may be able to assist with the sale.  You can of course opt to use an external estate agency but because of the nature of the facility and the management of the Hushwing Living estate we would still employ a necessary degree of involvement to ensure that the design integrity and concept of the Hushwing Living model is maintained.

Support services

Hushwing living is designed for independent people who are still active and in good health. We do appreciate however that one’s health cannot be guaranteed.  If unfortunately, you do develop a need for some simple care assistance then we may be able to offer information on appropriate third party domiciliary care services.

Our overriding aim however is to allow our residents to retain their independence.

“Independent, but not alone”